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Octopus CRM Chrome Extension In-depth Review.

Updated: Apr 29

Douglas Grays Author
Douglas Grays Author

The following Octopus CRM review is grounded in my personal experiences with setting up and utilizing CRM systems. With over two decades of experience in using CRM software, I possess a solid understanding of their setup and operation. However, it's important to note that I am not a computer expert. My evaluations are based on the software's intuitiveness, ease of setup and use, and its integration into the workflow of a busy salesperson or business owner. I have great respect for anyone who dedicates their time to developing software with the aim of enhancing operations. While a particular software package may not align with my specific needs, it doesn't imply that it won't be suitable or happily adopted by others. This review solely reflects my own experiences.

Octopus CRM Logo

As a salesman, LinkedIn has become the cornerstone of my lead generation efforts. However, managing all of my LinkedIn activities manually was completely overwhelming.

I was wasting hours every single day just trying to keep up. That’s when I came across Octopus CRM and it has completely transformed my approach.

In this detailed review, I’ll share my firsthand experiences using Octopus CRM to automate and optimize my LinkedIn marketing activities. I’ll provide an inside look at how it works, the key features and benefits, the pricing breakdown, and whether it’s right for you.

Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Octopus CRM Review: Unveiling the Essentials

Octopus CRM is a software tool built specifically for automating various tasks on LinkedIn. It integrates directly with LinkedIn to help salespeople like me execute campaigns and relationship-building activities at scale.

With Octopus CRM chrome extension, I’m able to automate repetitious tasks like:

  • Sending personalized connection requests

  • Following up with new connections

  • Endorsing skills & giving recommendations

  • Messaging prospects

  • Visiting profiles and more

The main goal is to save me time and maximize my productivity on LinkedIn. It’s built to eliminate the need for manual efforts as much as possible.

Is Octopus CRM approved by LinkedIn?

No, Octopus CRM LinkedIn is not approved by LinkedIn but is one of the safest tools on the market to ensure your account remains safe. LinkedIn does not approve of using third party apps on its platform however, I have used it for over 2 years and never had any issue what so ever.

Is Octopus CRM safe to use with my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use Octopus CRM for help with LinkedIn connections. By sticking with Octopus CRM, users can maintain a safe and compliant approach to expanding their LinkedIn network and maximizing their profile's potential.

Do you need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account to use Octopus CRM?

No, having a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account is not a mandatory requirement for using Octopus CRM. The tool is fully functional with the basic version of LinkedIn. However, it is highly recommended to consider opting for Sales Navigator for enhanced capabilities in targeting specific profiles for your LinkedIn and email campaigns. While the basic version works fine, utilizing Sales Navigator can significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by allowing precise targeting of leads that align with your target persona.

LinkedIn Limits and How Octopus CRM Manage Them?

What is the recommended approach for adjusting these limits based on personal account safety?

It is recommended to adjust these limits based on personal account safety. The excerpt suggests playing around with the limits and monitoring the results. By adjusting the limits, users can ensure that their LinkedIn profile doesn't get flagged as spammy and maintain account safety.

What are the specific limits on the number of bulk requests and messages that can be sent out using Octopus CRM?

The limits for sending bulk requests and messages depend on the type of LinkedIn profile. For premium LinkedIn profiles, the limit is 100 invitations and 200 messages per day. For free LinkedIn profiles, the limit is 100 messages per day and 50 connection requests.

How does Octopus CRM assist in exceeding LinkedIn's connection request limits?

Octopus CRM helps users surpass LinkedIn's connection request limits by enabling them to send over 500 requests per week, far exceeding LinkedIn's standard limit of 100 requests. This is made possible through the use of email-based connection requests within the Octopus CRM platform. It's important to note that while Octopus CRM offers this capability to send higher volumes of connection requests, users should exercise caution and avoid spamming other LinkedIn users with excessive invitation requests.

Will Octopus CRM help with LinkedIn growth?

Yes, Octopus CRM is designed to help with LinkedIn growth. It automates various LinkedIn activities, allowing users to expand their network, manage connections, and improve lead generation efforts effectively.

What are the potential risks of using other companies or tools?

Other companies or tools that don't have the same technical abilities to protect your allowable limits pose a significant risk. By using these unapproved tools, there is a high chance of getting in trouble with LinkedIn, including being suspended or banned from the platform.

Identifying the Target Audience, Use Cases, and Motivation Behind This Octopus CRM Review

Who Can Benefit from Using Octopus CRM?

Based on my experience, Octopus CRM is perfect for a few specific types of users:

  • B2B Marketers - B2B marketers rely heavily on LinkedIn for lead gen. Octopus CRM makes it easy to execute targeted outreach campaigns.

  • Recruiters - Recruiters can automate connecting with potential candidates to build their talent pool.

  • Sales Professionals - Likeme Salesman can use automations to connect with prospects and convert them into customers.

  • Agencies - Marketing agencies manage LinkedIn for multiple clients. Octopus CRM allows them to control everything from one dashboard.

  • Personal Branding - For individuals, Octopus CRM helps grow your professional network and boost personal brand awareness.

  • Business Owners - Any business owner who wants to grow their business needs to be connecting and reaching out to prospective customers or partners on LinkedIn.

Essentially, anyone who wants to enhance their usage of LinkedIn for business objectives can benefit from Octopus CRM just like I have.

Who is Octopus CRM a Good Fit For?

Through my experience, Octopus CRM works best for users who:

  • Want to save hours spent on manual LinkedIn outreach

  • Need to generate more leads through LinkedIn

  • Require automation to hit daily send limits faster

  • Want to create advanced LinkedIn sales funnels

  • Depend on campaign analytics to refine their strategy

  • Need to sync LinkedIn with existing CRMs

For salesman like me who are active on LinkedIn daily for lead gen, the platform is incredibly valuable. But it may not be as useful if you only occasionally use LinkedIn for marketing and don’t need extensive automation.

Why Octopus CRM is a Game-Changer for My LinkedIn Marketing

For me, the #1 benefit of Octopus CRM is the sheer amount of time it has saved me. But it offers so many other advantages beyond automation.

Here are some of the key features and benefits I’ve experienced:

LinkedIn Automation to Save Me Hours

The core benefit of Octopus CRM is automating repetitive and manual tasks on LinkedIn. For me, this includes:

  • Auto-connecting - I’m able to send customized connection requests to my ideal prospects at scale.

  • Auto-messaging - I never have to manually follow up with new connections again. I use personalized templates.

  • Auto-endorsing - I can automatically endorse skills and give recommendations to foster relationships.

Automating these types of activities through Octopus CRM has been a complete game-changer for my LinkedIn marketing approach. It allows me to execute sophisticated campaigns that would take weeks or months to do manually.

Access to Critical Campaign Analytics

Another huge benefit is the analytics and data Octopus CRM provides about my LinkedIn activities.

I can view real-time data on:

  • My automation queues

  • Number of messages and invites sent

  • My overall acceptance rates

  • Profile visits generated

  • And much more

These insights allow me to constantly refine my approach to improve results over time. I can double down on what’s working well.

Optimized Lead Management

Octopus CRM also makes it super easy for me to manage all the leads I generate on LinkedIn in one place.

I can add tags and notes to each lead to stay organized. Octopus CRM also syncs directly with my CRM platform so I can transfer my LinkedIn leads into my existing workflows seamlessly.

Built-in Sales Funnels

My favorite feature is the ability to build customized sales funnels within Octopus CRM targeted to my specific goals.

I create sequences of automated invites, messages, and follow-ups over time to convert LinkedIn prospects into customers. It’s been hugely effective in capturing leads.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite having all these advanced capabilities, Octopus CRM is designed with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.

Since it’s built directly into LinkedIn as a browser extension, everything is accessible right within my LinkedIn tab which makes it super convenient.

Exploring Octopus CRM Functionality And Use Experience

Using Octopus CRM to Automate Your LinkedIn Tasks For Improved Productivity

Automation features to help with a marketing strategy on LinkedIn?

Automation features allow users to gradually implement their marketing strategy on LinkedIn. By automating certain tasks, such as sending messages or endorsing skills, users can create a systematic approach to engage with their connections and convert them into paying clients over time.

Automation features help in endorsing skills for connections?

Automation features can be used to endorse skills for connections, helping to establish credibility and build rapport with prospects. By automating the skill endorsement process, users can efficiently warm up their prospects and demonstrate their expertise.

Automation features help in sending bulk messages to connections who have accepted the invite?

With automation features, users can send out automated bulk messages to connections who have accepted their invite, allowing them to efficiently thank their connections for accepting the invitation and initiate further communication.

Automation features help in sending out connection invites to the right people?

Automation features enable users to send out connection invites to connections who match their target demographic, ensuring that they are reaching out to the right people and increasing the chances of building relevant connections.

Automation features help in finding the target demographic on LinkedIn?

Through automation features, users can efficiently go through hundreds of profiles at once, allowing them to identify and find their target demographic on LinkedIn more quickly and effectively.

Step-By-Step: How I Got Started With Octopus CRM

Ready to implement Octopus CRM for your own LinkedIn marketing like I did? Here are the simple steps I followed to get started:

  1. Sign Up - I signed up for a free Octopus CRM trial here. No credit card required.

  2. Install the Browser Extension - I installed the Octopus Chrome extension and connected my LinkedIn account. Quick & easy.

  3. Set Up Campaigns - I created customized sequences of invites, messages, and follow-ups tailored to my objectives.

  4. Monitor Results - I keep an eye on my automation queues and analytics dashboards to optimize my efforts.

  5. Upgrade My Plan - After my 7-day free trial ended, I upgraded to the plan that best fit my needs.

Within just a few minutes, I was automating my LinkedIn outreach directly through the browser extension. It was super quick and easy to get up and running.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Octopus CRM

To truly harness the power of Octopus CRM for your LinkedIn marketing, it's crucial to delve into its advanced features. These tips and tricks are designed to elevate your experience from basic usage to a more strategic approach, ensuring you get the most out of this powerful tool.

Leverage Octopus CRM Custom Message Templates

  • Personalization is Key: Utilize Octopus CRM's custom message templates to add a personal touch to your outreach. This feature allows you to create messages that resonate with your target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

  • Efficiency Without Losing Authenticity: By using templates, you maintain efficiency in your outreach efforts without sacrificing the personal connection. Tailor each template to different segments of your audience for more targeted communication.

  • Template Variety: Have a range of templates for different purposes – connection requests, follow-ups, and informational messages. This variety ensures you're prepared for every stage of the LinkedIn engagement process.

Utilize Advanced Octopus CRM Search Features

  • Precision Targeting: Octopus CRM's advanced search features enable you to pinpoint your ideal audience with great precision. Use filters to narrow down prospects by industry, location, company size, and more.

  • Save Searches for Efficiency: Once you've refined your search criteria, save these searches for future use. This saves time and allows you to quickly revisit specific audience segments.

  • Regularly Update Your Criteria: As your business and target audience evolve, so should your search criteria. Regularly review and update your saved searches to align with your current marketing goals.

Monitor and Analyze Your Octopus CRM Performance

  • Dashboard Insights: Regularly check your Octopus CRM dashboard for insights into your LinkedIn activities. This includes metrics on connection requests, message responses, and campaign performance.

  • Refine Your Strategies: Use these insights to refine your LinkedIn strategies. If certain messages are getting more responses, analyze why and apply these learnings to other campaigns.

  • Stay Agile: The key to success with any CRM tool is agility. Be ready to adapt your strategies based on the performance data you gather. This dynamic approach ensures you're always leveraging Octopus CRM to its fullest potential.

By implementing these advanced tactics, you transform Octopus CRM from a mere tool into a strategic asset for your LinkedIn marketing. It's not just about automating tasks; it's about doing so with a level of sophistication and insight that truly makes a difference in your outreach efforts.

Octopus CRM Comparative Analysis with Other Similar Tools.

While comparing Octopus CRM with other CRM tools like Lusha and ZoomInfo, it's evident that each has its unique strengths, catering to different aspects of CRM and lead generation.

Octopus CRM vs. Lusha:

  • LinkedIn Automation: Octopus CRM shines in automating LinkedIn activities. It's designed to manage connection requests, automate messages, and streamline your LinkedIn marketing efforts. This focus on LinkedIn makes it a specialized tool for users who rely heavily on this platform.

  • Lead Data Extraction: Lusha, on the other hand, is more about extracting lead data. It offers features like B2B lead generation, behavior tracking, and a built-in database, which are essential for broader CRM activities beyond LinkedIn.

  • Engagement Toolset: Octopus CRM provides a more comprehensive set of tools specifically for engaging with LinkedIn connections. This includes features for improving prospecting and lead generation directly within the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Octopus CRM vs. ZoomInfo:

  • Data Intelligence Services: ZoomInfo is a powerhouse in providing broad data intelligence services. It offers extensive features like direct dials, cell phone numbers, and desk extensions, which are invaluable for a wide range of sales and marketing activities.

  • LinkedIn Specialization: Octopus CRM, while not as extensive in general data intelligence, offers more targeted features for LinkedIn. This includes tools for automating LinkedIn outreach and managing LinkedIn-based lead generation campaigns.

  • Targeted Features for LinkedIn: For tasks specifically related to LinkedIn, Octopus CRM's targeted features make it a more suitable choice. It's tailored to enhance your LinkedIn strategy, making it ideal for users who prioritize LinkedIn as their primary platform for lead generation and networking.

This comparison underscores Octopus CRM's niche in LinkedIn automation and engagement, contrasting with Lusha's focus on lead data extraction and ZoomInfo's broader data intelligence services. Understanding these distinctions helps in choosing the right tool based on your specific CRM and lead generation needs, especially if your primary focus is LinkedIn.

Other CRM's that are similar to Octopus CRM include Meet Alfred, Dux Soup, Zopto, UseViral, and SidesMedia.

How did Octopus CRM perform in tests?

During my evaluation process, I thoroughly tested Octopus CRM to determine its effectiveness. I opted for their basic package to assess the legitimacy of their services. My findings were overwhelmingly positive, as I witnessed impressive results throughout my testing phase. Octopus CRM demonstrated promptness in delivering engagements, and their availability for addressing any issues we encountered proved commendable. The overall experience revealed Octopus CRM as a reliable company capable of providing substantial assistance in enhancing LinkedIn growth.

Octopus CRM uses a monthly subscription model with four pricing tiers depending on your needs:

Octopus CRM Costs Starter Plan

The Basic plan is $9.99/mo billed monthly or $6.99/mo if billed annually. It includes:

  • LinkedIn automation for basic activities

  • Basic analytics and reporting

This is a great affordable starting point to test out the platform.

Octopus CRM Costs Professional Plan

The Professional plan is $14.99/mo billed monthly or $9.99/mo if billed annually. It adds:

  • Messaging automation

  • More advanced analytics

  • Additional LinkedIn user seat

I started with this plan when I was ramping up my LinkedIn efforts.

Octopus CRM Costs Advanced Plan

The Expert plan is $21.99/mo billed monthly or $14.99/mo if billed annually. It includes:

  • More advanced automation capabilities

  • Full lead management features

  • 1:1 onboarding for getting started

Once I really wanted to scale my LinkedIn marketing, I upgraded to this plan.

Unlimited Plan

The Enterprise plan is $39.99/mo billed monthly or $24.99/mo if billed annually. It adds:

  • Priority customer support

  • Agency reporting features

  • Sales funnel builder

  • Additional LinkedIn user seats

This is ideal for marketing agencies or companies managing multiple LinkedIn accounts.

One key limitation to note is that the Basic and Professional plans allow just 1 user. So I couldn't have team members access my plan.

However, all plans do come with a free 7-day trial which is great for testing it out initially without commitment.

How can you manage your billing and subscription in Octopus for LinkedIn?

In Octopus for LinkedIn, you have complete control over managing your billing and subscription. Within the platform, you will find a dedicated section called "Billing" that offers various functionalities. Here, you can effortlessly upgrade or downgrade your plan according to your specific needs. Additionally, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so through this section as well. Keeping track of your account's status and subscription date is also made simple, as all the relevant information is conveniently presented in the "Billing" section. With this comprehensive set of features, Octopus for LinkedIn ensures that you have a seamless and hassle-free experience in managing your billing and subscription.

How do I manage multiple licenses through Octopus CRM on one device?

To effectively manage multiple licenses through Octopus CRM on a single device, you can follow these steps:

1. Log out from Octopus CRM: Start by logging out from your current session on Octopus CRM.

2. Logout from LinkedIn: Next, log out of the LinkedIn account that is currently connected to Octopus CRM. You can do this by going to LinkedIn's website or mobile app, accessing your account settings, and choosing the option to sign out.

3. Log in with a different LinkedIn profile: Once you are logged out, you can proceed to log in to Octopus CRM using a different LinkedIn profile. You can do this by entering the credentials of the desired LinkedIn account.

4. Switching between licenses: After logging in with a different LinkedIn account, Octopus CRM will be automatically linked to that particular license. You can now utilize the functions and features associated with that license.

5. Repeat the process: If you have additional licenses you'd like to manage on the same device, simply repeat the steps outlined above. Log out of the current LinkedIn profile being used within Octopus CRM, log out of LinkedIn, and then log in with a different LinkedIn profile associated with another license.

By following this process, you can easily manage multiple licenses through Octopus CRM on a single device. Remember to log out of both Octopus CRM and each active LinkedIn account before switching between licenses to ensure a smooth transition.

Can Octopus CRM be used with a free LinkedIn profile?

Yes, Octopus CRM can be used with a free LinkedIn profile. Although it is recommended to use Octopus CRM with a premium LinkedIn account, the good news is that this Chrome extension is compatible with both free and premium LinkedIn profiles. This means that regardless of the type of profile you have, you can still integrate it seamlessly with Octopus CRM. So, whether you are using a free LinkedIn profile or a premium one for your brand, you can take advantage of all the features and benefits offered by Octopus CRM.

What Real Users Are Saying in Their Octopus CRM Reviews

Before committing to any software, it’s always wise to look at real customer reviews. Here’s what current Octopus CRM users like me are saying:

“The automation capability completely transformed my LinkedIn marketing approach. I can execute so much more without manual work.”

“I was skeptical at first, but the tool really does help me drive more connections, leads, and sales through LinkedIn automation.”

“Octopus CRM is an absolute must-have for anyone doing serious B2B marketing on LinkedIn. It’s incredibly useful.”

“Being able to create advanced sales funnels on LinkedIn has increased my productivity tenfold! Game-changing software.”

The vast majority of reviews from actual Octopus CRM users are resoundingly positive, just like my own experience. The time savings people get from the automation seems to be the biggest benefit.

Potential Drawbacks Of Octopus CRM to Keep in Mind

While I’m a big fan of Octopus CRM, there are a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • Steep learning curve - It does take some time upfront to learn the software and set up your automations properly. Don’t expect instant results.

  • LinkedIn restrictions - You need to carefully monitor automation volume and speed or LinkedIn may restrict your account.

  • No multi-user plans - For the Basic and Pro plans, only I can use my Octopus license. Team members need their own.

  • Added expense - There is an additional monthly cost depending on your plan.

The key tips I’d give are to ramp up gradually, carefully monitor your automation queues, and select the right pricing plan for your needs. But the downsides are minimal compared to the benefits I’ve achieved.

Octopus CRM: Common Questions and Answers

What Does Octopus CRM Do?

Octopus CRM automates various LinkedIn activities, helping users to grow their network, manage connections, and enhance their lead generation efforts efficiently.

Is Octopus CRM Free or Paid?

Octopus CRM is a paid tool, but it offers a 7-day free trial for users to experience its features before purchasing a subscription.

What is the Limit on Octopus CRM?

The limits on Octopus CRM depend on the subscription tier. Each tier has different limits on the number of messages, connection requests, and profile views.

Is Octopus LinkedIn Free?

Octopus CRM for LinkedIn is not free; it requires a subscription. However, the initial trial period allows users to try it without cost for the first seven days.

Can information be downloaded in the form of PDF using Octopus CRM?

It is important to note that Octopus CRM does not offer the option to download information in the form of PDF. However, it provides other means of data export and integration with software solutions, ensuring flexibility in accessing and utilizing the stored data.

Can data be directly imported from different types of files using Octopus CRM?

Octopus CRM provides the convenience of directly importing data from various types of files. This feature enables users to seamlessly transfer information from external sources, enhancing the efficiency of data management within the CRM.

Can connections sent and accepted be tracked in Google Sheets using Octopus CRM?

Absolutely, Octopus CRM offers the functionality to maintain a detailed record of connections sent and accepted directly in Google Sheets. This feature allows for efficient tracking and analysis of communication efforts.

Can contacts be sent to HubSpot using Octopus CRM?

Yes, Octopus CRM provides the capability to easily send contacts to HubSpot, streamlining the process of transferring and synchronizing customer information between the two platforms.

What are some software solutions that can be integrated with Octopus CRM?

Octopus CRM allows integration through Zapier with more than 1000 different software solutions, expanding its compatibility and enabling seamless connections with various platforms.

Does Octopus CRM offer email marketing capabilities?

No, Octopus CRM does not provide email marketing capabilities. While it allows you to send emails to ask for connection requests on LinkedIn, its use of emails is restricted solely to that purpose. If you require comprehensive email marketing features in addition to lead management on LinkedIn, it is recommended to consider using Leadin instead as it offers email marketing automation features within its tool pack.

Is Octopus CRM a true CRM software or does it serve a different function?

Octopus CRM is not considered a true CRM software; rather, it functions as a LinkedIn automation tool primarily focused on prospecting on the LinkedIn platform. In comparison to traditional CRM software like Twilead, Octopus CRM lacks the comprehensive features and capabilities typically associated with CRM systems. Therefore, while Octopus CRM may be suitable for users seeking LinkedIn-specific automation tools, individuals in need of a robust CRM solution for managing customer relationships may find other options more suitable. I use Nimble CRM to help me with that.

My Conclusion: Octopus CRM Transformed My LinkedIn Marketing

Hey Sales Warriors

Implementing Octopus CRM completely changed my LinkedIn marketing for the better.

The sheer amount of time it has saved me through automation is invaluable. I’m able to execute sophisticated campaigns that generate way more leads than I ever could manually.

For any fellow salesman who relies heavily on LinkedIn like I do, I think Octopus CRM is an absolute must-have in your toolkit.

Yes, there is some learning involved upfront and you need to be cautious with automation speeds. But once you fully implement Octopus CRM, it can take your LinkedIn results to the next level.

I highly recommend giving it a try for yourself with the free 7-day trial. You have nothing to lose!

Overall, Octopus CRM has been a total game-changer that transformed how I leverage LinkedIn to grow my business. The platform automates the tasks I used to dread and provides the data I need to keep improving. Having used it for over a year I know it protects you from over-communicating and upsetting the LinkedIn allowable limits.

If you want to boost your LinkedIn productivity and get more from your efforts, Octopus CRM is the way to go!

4 star rating

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