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How to Write Cold Emails When Email Prospecting that Win Customers

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Douglas Grays Author
Douglas Grays Author

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Email remains one of the most effective ways to engage prospects and win new customers. But with crowded inboxes and rising spam, it has become harder to cut through the noise. This guide will explore how to craft cold emails that convert in 2023/24 by leveraging personalization, relevant messaging, and AI tools like Aomni.

Perfect the Cold Emails Format For Email Prospecting

Cold email outreach is sent to prospects who have not directly opted-in to receive your communications. For it to work, you need to grab attention fast while providing value. Follow this formula:

  • Craft a compelling subject line: The subject line is your first and sometimes only chance to get opened. Make it clear and relevant to grab attention. For example: “Feedback on your new [product] launch”

  • Highlight the prospect's problem: Outline a specific problem the prospect is likely facing. Tie it to a current event at their company to demonstrate insight. For example: “I saw you recently launched [new product]. With the market evolving so quickly, GTM missteps can cost millions.”

  • Present your solution: Explain how your offering uniquely solves their problem. Focus on benefits over features. For example: “Our AI-powered platform provides the product and market data you need to build winning GTM strategies.” Make sure you show them what value they will get. Prospects don't care what you do they just want to know how you can make their lives easier.

  • Call to action: Close with a clear CTA like requesting a quick call or demo. Give them an easy way to engage.

Craft Hyper-Relevant Messaging

Today’s buyers want ultra-tailored messaging that speaks to their specific needs. To stand out, move beyond basic personalization and provide true relevance.

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge: Show you understand their business, challenges, and goals. The more insightful you are, the more value you provide. Its fine to mention competitors you work with to show you have an understanding of their industry. Prospects want specialists.

  • Provide consultative advice: Don’t just pitch your product. Offer ideas and perspectives to help them accomplish objectives.

  • Make it about them: Keep the focus on their needs and how you can help. Avoid overselling your brand or product.

  • Time it right: Connect your outreach to events happening in their business right now. Capitalize on what they care about at the moment.

It's essential to remember that your potential customers may not require your product or service for most of the year. Therefore, don't lose heart if you don't receive a response. It's all about timing. As the saying goes, it's about being in the right place at the right time. That's why sales is a numbers game, and you should never give up. I've taken years to break into significant B2B clients at times.

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Leverage AI Tools for Email Insights

Crafting hyper-relevant messaging takes research. AI sales tools like Aomni make this faster by automatically surfacing insights about prospects.

  • Enrich contact data. Augment basic contact info with useful intelligence like org charts, intent signals, and trigger events.

  • Identify pain points. Use AI to analyze news, documents, and events to uncover challenges prospects are facing now.

  • Personalize at scale. Generate hundreds of relevant messages tailored to each prospect automatically.

  • Optimize timing. Plan outreach around events and trends happening in a prospects’ business for maximum relevance.

Aomni AI Tool

Follow Email Best Practices

Relevance and personalization will improve email results but strong execution still matters when sending cold outreach.

  • Keep it brief. Respect people’s time. Get to the point quickly and concisely within 4-5 sentences. How often do you get a long email and your eyes glaze over? People have a very short attention span. If someone really want more information they can either ask or go to your website.

  • Make it mobile-friendly. Optimize message text and formatting so it renders cleanly on mobile devices.

  • To make your emails more engaging, it's a good idea to include visuals such as videos and images. However, whether you can use these types of content in your emails depends on whether you're sending direct emails from your email server or using a bulk email service. If you're using the latter, most emails with images or videos will often get blocked by email servers. My advice is to send just text emails for the first couple of emails and then add some video or images on emails 3 and 4. This way, you can make sure that you can get your message across, while also adding some additional value to your recipients with engaging visuals.

  • Follow-up persistently. Send 2-3 follow-ups to non-responders spaced a few days apart before giving up and then hit them again a few months later.

  • Track open and click rates. Use email tracking to see who engages and optimize future messages. But avoid spam triggers.

  • Respect opt-outs. Honor unsubscribe requests immediately. Never send more messages to opt-outs.

The Winning Email Formula

Winning new business with cold email in 2023 requires flawless execution across both relevance and engagement. Leverage personalization, consultative messaging, and AI tools like Aomni to craft emails that convert.

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