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Agile CRM Review: A Comprehensive Dive into Features and Functionality

Updated: Jan 19

Douglas Grays Author
Douglas Grays Author

The following Agile CRM review is grounded in my personal experiences with setting up and utilizing CRM systems. With over two decades of experience in using CRM software, I possess a solid understanding of their setup and operation. However, it's important to note that I am not a computer expert. My evaluations are based on the software's intuitiveness, ease of setup and use, and its integration into the workflow of a busy salesperson or business owner. I have great respect for anyone who dedicates their time to developing software with the aim of enhancing operations. While a particular software package may not align with my specific needs, it doesn't imply that it won't be suitable or happily adopted by others. I will, however, call out any issues I come across when reviewing a particular software. This review solely reflects my own experiences.

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How good is Agile CRM?

I had high expectations of Agile CRM as it has the same name as my company. Many write about the number of features you get and the price point. However, after playing around with the software it left me somewhat underwhelmed. Read on to learn more

How Easy is it to log in to Agile CRM?

Creating an account and signing up with Agile CRM is a straightforward process. The simplicity of the login procedure ensures that users can quickly access the platform without any unnecessary complications. This ease of access is crucial for businesses and salespeople who require immediate access to their CRM system to manage their leads and sales processes efficiently.

How user-friendly is the UI of Agile CRM?

Agile CRM's user interface boasts a clean and organised design. While its appearance might seem slightly outdated when compared to some of the newer CRM systems in the market, its functionality remains intact. The platform is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and perform essential tasks. However, while it meets the basic expectations of a CRM system, it doesn't particularly stand out in terms of modern design aesthetics.

How easy is it to upload a database into Agile CRM?

Agile CRM offers a generous limit for contact uploads, especially in its free version, allowing up to 10,000 contacts. The process of importing contacts is relatively straightforward. However, some challenges arise when trying to match specific fields from external databases, such as CSV files, to Agile CRM. The lack of clarity in field formatting, especially for company and employment names, can be a hurdle. Additionally, the platform could benefit from clearer error messages to help users understand any issues during the import process.

Does Agile CRM include a customizable home page

Yes, Agile CRM's homepage is designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their tasks, reminders, calendars, and more. The inclusion of customizable widgets or dashlets enhances the user experience, allowing for a more personalised start page tailored to individual needs.

Agile CRM Home Page

How intuitive is the contact interface in Agile CRM?

Agile CRM's contact interface is well-structured. Users have the flexibility to view their contacts in either a list or grid format. The contact page is neatly organised, displaying essential contact information and communication logs. The option to add widgets provides an added layer of customisation. The timeline view is particularly useful, offering a chronological overview of interactions with each contact. However, some widgets could be more user-friendly.

Agile CRM Contact Record

Does Agile CRM support click-to-dial functionality

Agile CRM does support click-to-dial functionality, enhancing the efficiency of sales processes. This feature is integrated with several telephony providers, making it versatile for various business needs.

Does Agile CRM have a Chrome extension

Yes, Agile CRM offers a Chrome extension that enhances its functionality. This extension allows users to add tasks, deals, and contacts directly from their browser. Additionally, it offers the capability to search and add LinkedIn contacts, although this feature might require some improvements.

How easy is it to scrape and import LinkedIn data into the Agile CRM?

While Agile CRM provides a feature to import LinkedIn data, there seem to be some challenges with its functionality. The process is not as seamless as one would expect, and there might be issues that need addressing to ensure smooth data import from LinkedIn profiles.

Agile CRM LinkedIn Integration

How to conveniently add contacts and tasks to Agile CRM while inside your email client?

Unfortunately, my experience with integrating email accounts with Agile CRM was not positive. The platform's inability to pull contacts from LinkedIn to the CRM, combined with challenges in email integration, indicates room for improvement in this area.

How easy is it to create and add custom fields?

While creating custom fields in Agile CRM is a straightforward process, populating these fields can be a bit cumbersome. The need to edit contacts to add data to custom fields can be time-consuming, especially for businesses with large databases.

Agile CRM Custom Fields

How to effectively segment leads in Agile CRM for targeted marketing?

Agile CRM offers segmentation through filters. However, the absence of a save button for these filters can make the process less user-friendly. Effective segmentation is crucial for targeted marketing campaigns, and while Agile CRM provides the necessary tools, there's room for improvement in the user experience.

Where and how to create tasks in Agile CRM and what other features does it offer for lead follow-up?

Tasks can be added in multiple areas within Agile CRM, including the contact page, the Chrome Extension, and the activities section. However, the task management system, especially the "Tasks" section, feels outdated. The absence of a "stay in touch" feature means users have to rely on manual task creation for follow-ups, which is not ideal for a modern CRM system.

What features does Agile CRM offer to efficiently track deals and manage your sales pipeline?

Agile CRM provides a standard deal pipeline system, allowing users to input deal details, track their progress, and move them through various stages using drag-and-drop functionality. While the system is user-friendly, it doesn't offer any unique features compared to other CRM systems.

Agile CRM Deals

Does Agile CRM offer automation and what automation does it offer?

One of Agile CRM's standout features is its automation capabilities. The platform allows for easy communication with prospects and clients, and setting up custom automations is a breeze. This feature is particularly beneficial for salespeople, ensuring consistent communication and follow-ups.

Agile CRM Automations

How easy is it to track emails in Agile CRM and integrate it with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail?

While Agile CRM does offer email tracking, integrating with email platforms like Outlook 365 and Gmail can be challenging. Seamless email integration is a crucial feature for any CRM system, and encountering difficulties in this area can be a significant drawback for users. I was unable to connect either of mine and after an hour of trying gave up. I hope you have a better experience.

Agile CRM Email Integration

Does Agile CRM feature a built-in email marketing function for mass emailing leads?

Yes, Agile CRM offers a built-in email marketing function accessible through the platform's marketing section. This feature is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing businesses to reach out to their leads efficiently.

Does Agile CRM offer a meeting scheduler?

Agile CRM includes a meeting scheduler, which can be integrated into emails or websites. This feature streamlines the appointment-setting process, ensuring efficient time management for salespeople.

What Agile CRM integrations does Agile CRM offer for enhanced business functionality?

Agile CRM boasts a wide range of integrations with popular apps and platforms, including Freshbooks, Xero, Shopify, Twilio, Zendesk, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. These integrations enhance the platform's functionality, ensuring a comprehensive CRM experience.

Agile CRM Intergrations

Does Agile CRM offer a Zapier Integration?

Yes, Agile CRM is integrated with Zapier, allowing users to connect the platform with a multitude of other apps and services.

How user-friendly and functional is the Agile CRM mobile app for on-the-go CRM management?

Unfortunately, during my review, the Agile CRM mobile app was not available for Android users. This limitation can be a drawback for businesses that rely on mobile CRM management.

Agile CRM In Comparison with Other CRMs

When considering CRM solutions, it's crucial to understand how Agile CRM stacks up against its competitors. Here's a comparative analysis:

  • Agile CRM vs. Salesforce: Salesforce is known for its extensive features and scalability, making it ideal for larger enterprises. Agile CRM, on the other hand, offers a more cost-effective solution with a focus on small to medium-sized businesses. It provides a more user-friendly interface and easier setup compared to Salesforce.

  • Agile CRM vs. HubSpot: HubSpot excels in inbound marketing and has a robust free version. Agile CRM, while also offering a free version, stands out with its sales and marketing automation capabilities, making it a more comprehensive tool for businesses looking to integrate these functions closely.

Agile CRM in Different Industries

Agile CRM's adaptability across various industries is one of its standout features. Here's how it performs in different sectors:

  • Marketing and Advertising: With tools for social media integration and email marketing, Agile CRM helps marketing agencies streamline their campaigns and track ROI effectively.

  • IT and Tech Services: The CRM's project management and ticketing features are particularly beneficial for IT companies, helping them manage client projects and support tickets efficiently.

  • Retail: For retail businesses, Agile CRM's customer segmentation and targeted marketing features enable personalized customer experiences, boosting sales and customer loyalty.

Agile CRM Conclusion

Hey Sales Warriors,

Agile CRM, despite its name, has areas where it lacks agility. While the platform offers a plethora of features at an attractive price point, certain aspects, like its outdated UI and challenges with email integration, can be deterrents for potential users. The necessity for a lot of manual data input can be a significant hurdle, especially for sales teams that require efficient workflows. In today's digital age, seamless data capture and email integration are paramount for a CRM's success. However, Agile CRM does shine in areas like automation and widget offerings. While it might not have been the perfect fit for my workflow, I would always recommend potential users to give it a try.

2 Star Rating

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