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Reviews And Advice On CRM And
AI Sales Tools

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Agile - "The ability to change and move quickly to your environment"


In the competitive world of B2B sales, many focus solely on the final pitch. However, at Agilesalesman, we recognise that 90% of the sales process lies in the crucial steps leading up to that pitch. Our blog is designed to empower B2B sales professionals with the strategies, CRM insights, and AI tools they need to identify, engage, and connect with the right prospects. We don't just prepare you for the sale; we equip you to make meaningful connections that open doors to opportunities. Join us and transform the way you approach the critical groundwork of sales.

To thrive in B2B sales or business, one must possess a warrior spirit, characterised by unwavering focus and a never-give-up attitude. In the fierce world of business, it's a zero-sum game where your prospects will turn to someone else if they don't choose to buy from you. The competition is relentless, demanding a daily commitment to approach every challenge with the right mindset and equipped with effective business sale's tools. Every day you have to turn up and keep pushing forward to meet your objectivesImpact-Site-Verification: 4ce11a31-492e-4398-874c-6d53251b5aff

Douglas Grays Blog Author

This blog is authored by me Douglas Grays a salesperson and entrepreneur, catering specifically to fellow salesmen and entrepreneurs. The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own and are based on my personal experiences. I have always held a deep appreciation for software, with a particular interest in CRM, productivity tools, and now, of course, AI sales tools. While I may not be a technical expert, my reviews focus on the user-friendliness of a system. If I struggle to locate and utilise a particular feature, it does not imply that the feature does not exist within the software. However, it does indicate that the system lacks intuitive and effortless functionality. I understand that most salespeople and entrepreneurs are occupied with the bigger picture and do not have the time or energy to spend hours troubleshooting. We simply want to efficiently get stuff done!

Sales Tools Reviews


CRM Reviews

Explore the top CRM software systems for sales professionals and entrepreneurs by clicking the link below. Our reviews provide key insights on features, usability, and pricing to help enhance your sales and business growth. Make an informed choice and elevate your customer engagement strategy with the ideal CRM tool today.


AI Sales Tool Reviews

Click the link below to delve into the world of Sales AI Tools, meticulously reviewed for professionals aiming to amplify their sales performance. Our analysis provides essential insights into AI features, practicality, and cost, guiding you to choose the right tool for exponential business growth. Take your sales strategy to the next level with the power of AI today


Sales Tips & News

Click on the link below to access our advice on sales tips and the latest sales news. Learn about new business prospecting and account management best practices. Learn how to win business in the competitive world of sales and how to navigate the sales process in the new B2B environment we all find ourselves.


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